Communications Toolkit

There are journalists with whom you have regular and routine contact and with whom you would like to keep in contact. This is a form that will permit you to develop a profile about journalists who report on your organization. Click here for the "Journalist Profile" form .

Keeping track of your stakeholders is too important to trust to your memory. Here is a form that will allow you to develop a profile of the people and groups that you need to know about. Click here for the "Stakeholder Profile" form .

When you invite newsmedia to an event, it is always wise  to have them register so that you know which news agencies attended and who represented them. Click here for a news registration form .

Communications strategies, programs and plans inevitably lead to activities and operations, each of which needs to be tracked and costed. Here is a simple form that you can use by simply filling in the blanks .

When a journalist requests information, you should record the details of the question, the components of your research and your response. Click here for an inquiry documentation form .

Whenever you are asked to participate in an media intereview there is a series of questions that you should ask in preparation for your "meeting" with the journalist who is to interview you. These questions are available here .

News interviews are among the most demanding situations in which you can become involved. Here is a pocket guide that may be of some assistance .

The CCi newsletter is a helpful "how-to" guide about various communications tools, techniques, methods and media. Click on the title below to download the edition you want, and please check back often to get the latest edition, or you request a free subscription by sending an email.

Edition 101: The Humble News Release part I

Edition 102: The Humble News Release part II

Edition 103: The Humble News Release part III