Predators of the Deep

Submarines have been panned, penned and punned since 1580 when English innkeeper William Bourne wrote that “a Ship or a Boate may goe under the water unto the bottome, and so come up again at your pleasure”. He envisaged a vessel with leather chambers that could be drawn inwards to flood and outwards to expel the water. (Read more)

The Sad State of Maritime Blindness

The consuming public, and by extension their governments, are generally oblivious to the degree to which they depend on the oceans as a major transportation superhighway, a source of food and energy and
strategic resource. Consumers and manufacturers are unconcerned that 90 per cent of the world’s trade is conducted by the international shipping industry. The oceanic transportation industry has transformed the industrialized world into a “just-in-time” manufacturing zone, in which “our warehouses now float,” as
Canada’s Rear-Admiral David Gardam, commander of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Atlantic Fleet, observed (Read more)

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